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Jakarta 2020 – Global Convention on Christian Faith and World Evangelization (online streaming)

The following are some ways to join in all Jakarta 2020 sessions:

For English
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Contact our HOTLINE at +62-817-000-0300
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Speakers: Pdt. Dr. Stephen Tong, Craig Bartholomew, Davi Charles Gomes, D. A. Carson, Govert Buijs, Herman Selderhuis, James Skillen, Joel Beeke, John Piper, Jung-Hyun (John) Oh, Os Guinness, Peter A. Lillback, Richard L. Pratt, Jr., Sinclair B. Ferguson, Steven J. Lawson, Timothy Keller, William Edgar, Ben Chen (陈彪), Bob Fu (傅希秋), Yujian Hong (洪予健), Jason Yeung (杨庆球), Peter Liu (刘彼得), Yile Wang (王一乐), and more

For more info regarding the speakers and their topics, please visit:

Sessions will be held on:

  • 10.00-14.00 (JST) for English and Mandarin speakers
  • 19.00-22.30 (JST) for English and Indonesian speakers

Each sermon will be translated into 3 languages: English, Indonesian, and Mandarin. Pdt. Dr. Stephen Tong will speak in both morning and night sessions.

Please  register from:

Info (WhatsApp) +62-813-7000-3900

October 1, 2020, October 2, 2020, October 3, 2020, October 4, 2020, October 5, 2020, October 6, 2020...

19:00 - 22:30 JST

Morning Service & Sunday School at 9:30AM; Afternoon Service at 1PM; Prayer Meeting on Saturday 9AM;Church Map